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restaurant de la mer BA-QUA-NA

Semi-Gourmet Restaurant | CAYEUX SUR MER

At sea, the waterfront or near the restaurant of the ba-qua-na sea Cayeux-sur-Mer is aptly named as it is located just meters from the Mediterranean.

Prime location for a restaurant in which to settle in a room at the simple, bright décor.

Earth and sea.

the seafood and local products are prominently in a varied menu that emphasizes quality, freshness and execution finesse perfectly mastered dishes, such as Saint-Jacques carpaccio or cooked, the way pot Dieppe, big prawns and dishes with local products.

The restaurant Ba-qua-na sea also offers market menu that changes daily, a trade which changes weekly, and a menu that changes Bay 2-3 times a year, plus all map.

Terrace: enjoy his meal and soak up the sun and the sea air. This is possible as soon as the weather allows.

Dominique and Nicole welcome you with always lots of fun.

After the restaurant service to ice space and oyster bar.

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